The Monkey King 2023

Netflix’s “The Monkey King” disappoints as a lackluster animated feature, failing to weave together humor, heart, and action effectively. The film’s conservative approach to the beloved Chinese character, Sun Wukong, lacks the cultural depth and creativity needed to succeed. Director Anthony Stacchi’s exploration of the hero’s journey remains shallow, punctuated by sporadic bursts of martial arts-inspired scenes that struggle to compensate for generic dialogue and episodic encounters. While the dynamic between the Monkey King and Lin attempts to provide structure, the film falls short of truly captivating audiences. Bowen Yang’s portrayal of the Dragon King adds some vitality, but overall, “The Monkey King” pales in comparison to Netflix’s more ambitious animated offerings. Visit o2tvseries for more!

The Monkey King | August 18, 2023 (United States) Summary: Inspired by an epic Chinese tale, translated into an action-packed comedy, a Monkey and his magical fighting Stick battle demons, dragons, gods and the greatest adversary of all - Monkey's e... Read all
Countries: China, Hong Kong, United StatesLanguages: English, Chinese

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