Die Hart the Movie 2023

Die Hart: The Movie is a small and simple attempt at an action comedy. It does a mediocre job of satisfying the cravings of fans of the genre, but it’s when we look between the lines to see what it’s really about that it tastes better. As a reimagining of the same-named 2020 series, the movie works mostly because the stakes are low and the movie is short. Die Hart… is full of meta-references and mentions of some of the biggest names in the business. It also doesn’t miss a chance to poke fun at tropes of the testosterone-heavy action genre.

Die Hart… works because of its comedy, even though the plot is thin and you can see the twists coming from a mile away. The action is also not as good as Hart’s other movies, like Central Intelligence and the Jumanji movies. With Eric Appel, the creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, at the helm and Kevin Hart and a strong cast carrying the film, even when the movie moves into darker territory, the comedy keeps coming. Hart’s fear of squirrels and the fact that people think he’s reenacting a scene from Ride Along 2 when he hangs from the top of a building for dear life are two of the funniest parts of the movie. Travolta does a great job as Hart’s hyper mentor Wilcox, making both Hart and the audience feel uneasy. Hartnett makes a short but welcome appearance as a guest star. Nathalie, who has been a damsel in distress in action movies like “Game of Thrones” and “Fast and Furious,” finally gets to be in the middle of the action. Visit o2tvmovies for free movie streaming.

Die Hart | February 24, 2023 (United States) Summary: Follows a fictionalized version of Kevin Hart, as he tries to become an action movie star. He attends a school run by Ron Wilcox, where he attempts to learn the ropes on how to become one of... Read all
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